It’s finally summer! And with higher temperatures comes pool parties, outdoor barbecues and a lot less clothing. And if your skin doesn’t seem to be as supple and vibrant as it used to be, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid the beach, resort pool or cute swimwear you have your eye on! Make sure you’ve added all these summer skincare essentials to your list and you’ll look and feel absolutely beautiful this summer.

Use a mild cleanser

It’s important to keep your skin clear and clean, but that can be especially tough in the summer months, when you’re slathering on the sunscreen that mixes with makeup and perspiration. The first of our summer skincare essentials tips is to find yourself a mild facial cleanser that gently removes dirt and makeup featuring ingredients that include vitamins, botanicals and oils to help maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance.

Exfoliate your skin

No matter your age, every woman wants to look beautiful and feel confident in their swimwear. One way to make sure you feel your best is to make sure your skin looks its best. Slough off any dry, flaky patches you may have by using a good exfoliator all over your body. That’s right! Exfoliating isn’t just for your face. And just like when you exfoliate your face, it’s best to use a gentle exfoliator and medium-light pressure to help you achieve that glow.

We recommend exfoliating the day before you plan to hit the pool or the beach. Once you’ve finished exfoliating, quench that thirsty skin by generously applying your favorite moisturizer.

Summer skincare essentials

Put your best face forward

Spending the summer in the Hamptons? A week in Tulum? If getting away from your everyday stressors isn’t already on your list of summer skincare essentials, add it! Stress can age you quickly, and no one needs help in that area. So, once you’ve decided which sunny locale you’ll visit, plan to prep your skin before you leave and recover after your return with luxurious face masks. Perfect to apply after exfoliating – so all those fantastic anti-aging benefits can really be absorbed – they will help make your skin look and feel its best.

Fashionably fabulous

One of the best parts of summer, undeniably, is the fashion. This year, boater hats are all the rage, but there’s something to be said about a classic, wide-brimmed straw hat. It’s the best combination of sun protection and style. Classic pieces, just like gorgeous skin, never go out of style. Pair your favorite hat with the summer’s other must-have – the straw bag. Throw on some sandals and a beautiful kimono coverup and you’ll be the prettiest beauty at the beach, or pool!

Summer skincare essentials

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Layer on that sunscreen! It always serves as a great reminder, and no summer skincare essentials list would be complete without talking about sunscreen. Make sure you pick up a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 if you plan to stay in the sun the majority of the day. Reapply after you get out of water or every couple of hours if you’re just relaxing beside the water.

Which application do you prefer: a spray or a lotion? Spray is convenient and easy, but lotion tends to cover better, if you can reach those tough places. But let’s be honest, that babe two towels over can help with that

Summer skincare essentials

Keep quenched

You cannot deny the importance of drinking plenty of water, but it’s especially important to stay hydrated during the hot summer months. Be sure to have an extra bottle of water with you everywhere and have a cup of herbal tea every evening. The extra cup of fluid every evening will help your skin’s elasticity. Added bonus? It’s a wonderful way to de-stress at the end of the day.

And who doesn’t love a little poolside snack? About 20 percent of our daily water needs come from fruits, vegetables and other foods, so order that refreshing fruit plate or spinach salad. You’ll boost your water intake and enjoy the added beauty benefits from your antioxidant-rich treat! Who knew summer skincare essentials could be so delicious?

Vitamin Sea and Vitamin C

A day at the beach can rejuvenate your soul (and don’t get us started on how the beach can rejuvenate your soles, but we’ll save that for another post). The final tip on our summer skincare essentials list is all about the recovery.

After a day spent soaking up vitamin sea, it’s time for your skin to soak up some much-needed vitamin C. The latter vitamin helps fight oxidative stress, brightens dark spots and renews collagen production. Adding skincare products with vitamin C to your nightly regimen can help assist your body repair the day’s damage. After washing with a mild cleanser, apply a vitamin C serum all over your face. Once absorbed, you can follow up with your favorite moisturizer or layer on a moisturizer with vitamin C for an added punch.