Here are seven beauty tips that you can use right now!

The aging process is inevitable; it begins as soon as we enter this world. Every day of our lives, our bodies shed and regenerate new cells. When we’re young, our cells regenerate at a much faster rate and begin to slow down as we age.

Every day you are bombarded with messages and beauty tips that attempt to lure you into believing that the most recent miracle drug is just what you need to fight off the ravages of father time.

We are living longer as a whole – which can be a curse or a blessing, depending on your perspective. The best route to natural beauty and healthy skin is to take care of what you have. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The truth is that your skin takes a beating from the environment every single day. Here are some of our favorite beauty tips for keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

1. Stay Hydrated With Water.

That does not mean soda, caffeine or any other type of liquid, even if it is low cal. Soda (even diet & zero soda) has a high concentration of sodium. Sodium retains fluids. You need fluid that will hydrate and flush your body free of toxins. Make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses a day.

2. Protect Your Skin From Harmful Ultra Violet (UV) Rays.

We all love the sun. We love being in it and enjoy showing off a beautiful tan, which can make us look thinner and more toned. But the truth is you can poison yourself with too much sunshine. UV rays cause skin cancer, and if that isn’t bad enough, it causes your skin to age faster than it should and give you those telltale wrinkles. If you must play in the sun, make certain you are using an adequate sun screen. Don’t leave home without it. As for tanning, there are so many great products on the market right now that help you acheive that sun-kissed glow without the harmful side effects.

3. Keep Your Skin Clean.

Use a soft, warm cloth and cleanser formulated to balance the skin’s natural pH. Be sure not to scrub roughly, though. Skin does not require scrubbing and you may end up doing more harm than good if you’re not gentle.

7 beauty tips for looking younger

4. Don’t Get Wrinkles.

The best cure for wrinkles is to never have them. Who among us beside the very young don’t have wrinkles or fine lines (lucky ducks)? Besides the obvious advice our parents gave us “stay in the shade, stand up straight and stop squinting”, try embracing one of the new state-of-art facial cleansers. Use one with anti-aging properties like rose hip seed oil, or alpha hydroxy acid. They will help plump fine lines and smooth out wrinkles.

7 beauty tips for looking younger

5. Eat Healthy.

Knowing how and what to eat can make a huge difference in how you feel. Improper eating habits can cause depression, illness, overall lethargy and weight gain.

As you get older, your skin naturally loses it’s elasticity, causing sagging skin. Weight gain causes your skin to stretch, which may exaccerbate the delimma of sagging skin. The best beauty tip solution to this is to maintain an ideal weight.

6. Embrace Happy Thoughts.

A happy outlook can trigger the release of endorphins. Endorphins relax the cardiovascular system and cytokines, which alert the immune system to pay attention in detecting abnormalities like cancer cells. Listen carefully to yourself. If you have put yourself down since childhood, over a lifetime, negative subliminal messages can take their toll by turning you into a pessimist. Spend one week writing down the phrases you use in your self talk. Chances are you will find that you repeat a dozen or so phrases over and over again that reinforce that negative image. If you know about them, you can change them. Inner joy and outer beauty go hand in hand.


Here are a few quick beauty tips for increasing joy, hope and optimism that will work no matter what your age:

  • Make a list of at least 20 great things that happen to you every day.
  • Laugh a lot. You’ll heal your body and your mind.
  • Discover a new challenge each month.
  • Try meditating for just five minutes each day.

7. Have Sex.

The importance of physical intimacy in battling the aging process is well documented. An alarming number of men used to give up on sex after 60 and many women used to feel that their sex life ended with menopause. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

Sex at middle age can actually become better and more satisfying than ever before. Maturity gives a couple more experience in lovemaking. The children are usually grown and left home. The pressures of building a career and day to day life are usually less stressful than in younger years. Get on it on early and often to regain that youthful vigor and facial glow that only a good romp in the hay can provide.

True beauty begins from the inside out. Just remember that aging doesn’t have to mean getting old if you’re following these beauty tips.