Hello Beautiful

Quench Beauty skincare is made with organic and natural ingredients. Contains no parabens, dyes or fragrances. Have never been tested on animals and is proudly made in the USA.

Discover our breakthrough anti-aging skincare

Our customized anti-aging creams and serums contain high-quality ingredients that nourish, smooth and brighten your skin. Using advanced technology, all Quench Beauty face moisturizers have been formulated to the highest standards, scientifically tested and statistically proven to create beautiful results. Experience the instant and lasting effects of our creams and serums, with ultra hydration, a healthy glow, softer, smoother skin, and a bright and clearer complexion.

I am 71 years old and have used Glycolic acid washes for years but hated the price of the product. When I saw QUENCH I loved the price. I have been using it for a few weeks and just as good if not better than the big name! The 10% AHA Glycolic Acid is the key. Keeps those wrinkles from getting deep.

Josie S
Scottsdale, Arizona

This is my first time using a moisturizer specifically for my face and I absolutely love it! Not only does this cream have a fantastic texture but a little goes a LONG way – one pump covers my face and my chest area. The moisturizer is silky and smooth, without being oily, and is perfect as a base under make up. I have sensitive, combination skin on my face and this product does the job – all while providing smoother, younger skin.

Jill F
Richmond, Virginia

Our Beauty Philosophy

Hello Beautiful

Goodbye Imperfections

Our beauty philosophy at Quench Beauty is to formulate products that are a safe and effective alternative to synthetic skincare. We do this by using natural and organic ingredients that are scientifically formulated to produce beautiful results. Experience beautiful skin and youthful radiance from the use of natural ingredients, without exposing your skin to toxic ingredients.

Combining proven formulations with cutting-edge science, results in an exclusive anti-aging skincare system designed to help rejuvenate the skin and diminish the visible signs of aging. Quench Beauty’s formulas are designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate and brighten the complexion, and give skin a firmer, radiant, youthful look.

We believe that all active ingredients contribute towards the potency and quality of our products, by stimulating, expediting, and influencing the natural rejuvenation processes that your skin would normally undergo. This beauty philosophy approach ensures that our formulas deliver beautiful results, thanks to their combined skin properties. Our formulas’ coordinated approach have proven to be the most beneficial way to combat the top signs of aging. They work because they specifically address both common and unique skin related issues.

By focusing on the reparative, anti-aging, and aesthetic improvement processes of the skin, we have managed to create some of the most powerful, rejuvenating, results-driven products on the market.

Paraben-Free. Non-Irritating.

Our formulations contain no parabens, added fragrance, dyes or ingredients that can harm your skin. Our beauty philosophy is that skincare should deliver beautiful results.

Tested on Humans, Not on Animals

Quench Beauty products are never tested on animals, and are 100% cruelty-free. Premium skincare that delivers beautiful results without compromise is a pillar of our beauty philosophy.

Made in USA

We’re located in the heart of Scottdale, Arizona’s resort & spa district, and our products are not only used here but distributed all over the world. All of Quench Beauty’s professional-grade skincare is manufactured right here in the USA.

Money-Back Guarantee

We think you’ll love Quench Beauty, but if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, return your order within 30 days of receipt, and you’ll get a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling).